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New Release Tuesday January 20, 2009

What’s happenin’ everyone? Awesome…I’m going to start a new ongoing weekly category of the notable CD’s & DVD’s that are released every Tuesday.

And if there are any that I overlook I’d love for people to post others…Thanks for reading! Peace

CD’s – Greatest day ever! Several great new album releases and a new president all before lunch!!! (I had lunch at 1pm ET so I did eat it under the new and current administration…If you had lunch at say-11:45 am then that statement was not true for you. Sorry…It may also not be the “greatest day ever” if you don’t share my political affiliations in which case I am also sorry and would recommend finding someone and requesting a hug or perhaps a frozen treat such as a milkshake or a banana that has been left in the freezer. Hugs and frozen treats usually brighten my day.) Anywho…Here you go:

blood-bank-epBon Iver – Blood Bank e.p.

I am ridiculously excited about this one and am listening to it right now. For those unfamiliar, Bon Iver (pronounced – Bonnie Vare…French for “good winter”) is the brain child of Wisconsin’s Justin Vernon. He recorded his stunning 2008 debut For Emma, Forever Ago alone in a secluded cabin over the course of 3 months and in the midst of a breakup and serious illness. He released it independently in late 2007 and was re-released to a wider audience by indie label Jagjaguwar several months later.

There has been some concern among fans that new recordings produced in a polished environment won’t produce the same raw magic and emotion of Emma. I had the same hesitation, but even though Blood Bank is fuller and more polished, it in no way detracts from the quality or power of the songs and performances. I will warn that there will be an initial knee jerk reaction to the Imogen Heap, Hide & Seek inspired vocoder and auto-tune drenched track Woods. Great start for 2009. Hope we see a full length later in the year.

noble-beastAndrew Bird – Noble Beast

This is Bird’s follow-up to his 2007 excellent Armchair Apocrypha album. He stated in an interview that “the record I want to make here and now – the one I wish I could find in my local record store, is a gentle, lulling, polyrhythmic, minimalist yet warm tapestry of acoustic instruments. No solos, just interlocking parts.” If he’s looking for that album I would recommend he go purchase his previous release that accomplished that objective quite well. I’m looking forward to hear how well he’s able to build on his past successes.

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

Challenging, experimental set from Baltimore-based Indie rock super group.


antonyaAntony & the Johnsons – The Crying Light

One of the most unique and intimate singers around today.



getguilty1A.C. Newman – Get Guilty

Pop rock craftsman behind The New Pornographers



aThom Yorke – The Eraser Remixes

Remixes of Thom Yorke’s- as good as it needs to be- solo record



Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band – The Mountain

Reissue of 1999’s classic collaboration between two country music legends.


Nothing too exciting that struck me for this week with the possible exception of The Express which is the story of Ernie Davis-the first African-American Heisman Trophy winner for those of you into inspirational sports movies. Several great DVD releases the next several weeks.


3 Responses to “New Release Tuesday”

  1. joe Says:

    Dave, you really gotta double check and make sure that you’re wife isn’t logged into wordpress before writing. My wife get’s me with that all the time as well.

    OK, going to buy me some Bonnie Vare.

  2. Leigh Anne Says:

    Bon Iver and Antony & The Johnsons are in very heavy Pod rotation. You are a genius.

    Going to check out “The Mountain” now, and telling my dad about this one, too…’cause we love The Del McCoury Band.

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