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Are you anybody’s favorite person? March 9, 2009

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I came across this very simple 4 minute short film this weekend that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind. It stars two of my favorite people, John C. Reilly and Miranda July, who also wrote the script. Watch it, and then we’ll discuss…



“Are you anybody’s favorite person?” “Are you the favorite person of anybody?” Don’t look too deep into the responses from the three people taking the survey. The point I think of the film is to elicit a reaction prompting us to turn the questions inward. These are some of the questions I’ve been trying to process:


–        What does it mean if I’m not?
–        What does it mean if I am?
–        Do I even want that responsibility?
–        Does it really even matter?


I consider myself incredibly fortunate that I don’t have to explore these questions from a position of insecurity. Even during the darkest stretches of my past when I’ve felt alone and desperate and tried to isolate everyone, I have never been unloved. I assure you that says far more about people in my life than it does me. Few people can say that, and I hope I don’t take it for granted.


This is the conclusion my questioning has produced…For me the more relevant question is:

–        “Who is my favorite person and is the sentiment reciprocated?”

My favorite person is my beautiful wife, Bekah “Buttons”, and I am hers and that is enough for me.


I am not one for forcing out life applications from art, but I’d encourage all of you to think through who your favorite person is or just someone whose place in your life has meant a lot to you, and let them know. Maybe even respond to this post with a story of that person and send them the link.


This is far cheesier than I ever get but I can’t think of a better reason to make an exception.




2 Responses to “Are you anybody’s favorite person?”

  1. Leigh Anne Says:

    Yesterday morning, when I went to pick her up from the nursery at church, Caroline ran into my arms and shouted, “You are my favorite Mommy!”

    I smiled all day over that one.

    I’m also my husband’s favorite person…90% of the time.

    You get huge brownie points for this one, David. You do.

  2. I think I am my wife’s favorite person, except when I leave my guitars sitting out in the front room. I know she is mine!

    Here’s some “cheese” for you: You, David Decker, were always one of my favorite students:)

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