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"Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your poetry" -Oscar Wilde

The Piano and things to come… January 21, 2009

So today is Jan. 21st which means tomorrow is Jan. 22nd – the day that Oscar Nominations are being announced, which means I’m excited. I’m in the process of viewing all of the films that will be up for significant awards. I’ve seen several, and I will begin posting reflections on them as well as opinions/predictions of the Oscars and the Independent Spirit Awards that will be held Feb 22nd and 21st respectively. First up will be a film that fared reasonable well at the Golden Globes and also has what seems like a 2 to 1 “F”-bomb to normal word ratio. Quite an impressive feat!

Until then…Here is a very short animation video I’d like to share that is absolutely beautiful. The video by Aidan Gibbons is built around the main theme of Jean-Pierre Juenet’s wonderful 2001 French film Amélie that was composed by Yann Tierson. It very delicately shows a man in the twilight of his life looking back on the passage of time. Very touching. I hope you all enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.